It’s “Bye Bye Baby” time again!

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Well, it’s baseball time again, and while this was only an exhibition game, it’s always fun beating the A’s! I will say however, I have learned to appreciate them and what they accomplish every year. They sure are a fun club to watch, and beat ;). Thanks again Mike for the tix.

Finals: San Francisco 6, Oakland 5, 10 innings


Boy do I feel old. My little sister turns 21 today. Ahhhh, It seems like just yesterday when I pinned her down and shoved corn up her nose. Good times, good times. Anyway, happy 21st birthday Jessica, love ya.

Stolen Invention #1: I used to be so worried about my hair (yes, used to be) that when I would listen to my walkman I would wear my headphones off the back of my head, on my neck. This did not provide the best flexibility, but my hair looked good and I apparently looked good doing it because next thing you know Sony is coming out with headphones made to wear like that. Some Sony executive must’ve been on the bus with me one day, and saw how much of a trend-setter I was. I figure the Sony corporation owes me about $1,569,031 when I factor in interest since 1988. They are going to crap their pants when they get that bill!

This is part of a multi-part series of inventions I have come up with on my own, and were stolen from me.

How come I can’t get Jury duty? I look in the mail every day when I get home, hoping that today will be the day that I am given an excuse to take a vacation from work. If I was on the jury I would constantly raise my hand and ask questions, using a list of the most complex words I could find in the dictionary, so the chick typing it all would get all messed up. I’d also bring a bag of individually wrapped butterscotch candies. Mmmmm, butterscotch.

Why is it that I cannot find a pair of tennis shoes that suits my fancy, and my feetsy? Am I simply just to old and out of touch with where the design of tennis shoes has gone?! It’s not even like I have a safe haven/shoe maker to rely on. Every single designer is off on some weird tangent and pulling designs out of their asses. I mean who buys this stuff? And who thinks this stuff will sell?

And why is it every time I pick my nose, it’s full again in two minutes? Funk dat!

Last night we saw Luke Fair & John Digweed @ Ruby Skye. Digweed was evil, as usual. Too much to drink = zero tracks trainspotted. Oh well, next time (although I say that every time). Some asian girl tried to dance with Bryan, apparently there some eye-contact issue :P. Bryan better not have an eye contact problem in Vegas! Beoomm, beoomm.