How come I can’t get Jury duty? I look in the mail every day when I get home, hoping that today will be the day that I am given an excuse to take a vacation from work. If I was on the jury I would constantly raise my hand and ask questions, using a list of the most complex words I could find in the dictionary, so the chick typing it all would get all messed up. I’d also bring a bag of individually wrapped butterscotch candies. Mmmmm, butterscotch.


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  1. blog geek ;o) Anyways.. Yeah, Jury Duty. I got my Jury thingy in the mail. Called in everyday, listened to this dumb recording for ten minutes, just for it to tell me to call back tomorrow. Did this for about a week. So the final day has come, the moment of truth. And what do ya know, I got picked to go down to court at 8:30 the next morning. So I wake up go to work at 8 and leave at 5. Hmm.. forgot something. So what’s the penalty like 8-10 years???

  2. I’ve been dodging the jury duty bullet for years… the more you get out of it with excuses, the more they try to stick it to you the next time around, at least that’s my theory. Last time (about 1 1/2 months ago) I was shortlisted and had to appear before the judge. Luckily, the judge was a woman, and she empathized with my “new baby at home” excuse, which worked quite well. Needless to say, I still have yet to serve. The more I watch law and order, the more interesting jury duty sounds… but those cases only last 1 hour…

  3. Umm I have been summoned for jury duty twice now! Good thing I no longer live in SC County and was able to skip out on it. By the way its not that fun and trust me you wont want to go back once you sit in a tiny room with 150 other people waiting for your number to be called. Your a number, not a name.

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