This is one of the most ridiculous things I have ever heard of! Brand name products being digitally placed into syndicated TV shows!?!?

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  1. This actually isn’t a new concept. Since the advent of the yellow first down line and Tivo, TV producers have been contemplating this move…having worked in the cable industry for many years, I first read a white paper on this about four years ago. They are already superimposing advertisements on the backstops for televised baseball games.More than likely will be the rise of product placement. American Dreams (NBC) is pushing this pretty hard. Recent shows have the dad & son sharing oreos, someone marveling about the new Ford Mustang, and the family talking about Kraft single sliced cheese. American Idol judges drink from Coke cups…the list goes on.Tivo is the force that is making advertisers re-evaluate the way they push product. Digital product insertion is coming…it is doubtful you will even know it when it does.

  2. “…it is doubtful you will even know it when it does.”That is the point in a way. Frankly I rarely notice when a product is blacked out (except when watching MTV which is a nightmare in this regard), and I am probably not going to notice when they don’t black out a product, or insert a product. In either case, I am certainly not going to rush out and buy some pringles when I see Rachel from friends holding a tube of pringles.Well, maybe Rachel, but not any of the others. ;)I totally understand and expect these advertisements in the sports world, because the revenue goes to the team/stadium and broadcast affiliates… not the networks. I guess I just feel that introducing these into syndicated shows is a little cheap and a waste of time. Is this going to venture beyond food products? Again, to reference Friends… when Chandler and Monica bought their home during the final episodes, is this an opportunity for Century 21 to pay for their logo to be used? I wonder.Tivo is now making it so advertisements appear when someone fast-forwards. I think this only affects stand-alone Tivo’s, not sure though. If I pay a monthly subscription for their service, which allows me to skip commercials, I don’t want to be shown advertisements while skipping commercials. Kinda defeats the purpose, no?

  3. You know what f*ck tv.. back in the day there was no tv. I’m sick and tired of it, its a waste of brain power. Except for the news and sports. I would love to see more people pick up a book, or even ok going out on a limb, but some good familiy time. Go to a park, walk the dog, go fishing. Something, anything is better then sitting on a couch doing nothing. Society is complaining that people are fat, well looking at both of my g-mas old pictures, there are not that many fat people.. Hmmm.. maybe its because to many poeple sit on their fat ass and, well, watch tv. Think back in Jesus days they had tv. Nope, cave man, nope. Its crazy, people pay $1000’s to sit on their butts. Grrr… I wish that all tvs would spontaniously combust. POOF…

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