Well, I am pissed off. The Giants have lost their closer again. Robb Nen was injured for the last two years of his career with the Giants and the money we had to pay him to fulfill his contract meant that we could’nt go out and get another closer. His contract was finally up after last season, we finally had money to go out and get a new closer, we went out and got the best closer on the market in Armando Benitez… and now he is injured and out for 4 months.

How did he injure himself? Running to first base to cover the bag on the final play of the game on Tuesday night. He didn’t injure himself in the actual action of covering the bag, but he injured himself while running to the bag. Just simply running, he tore his hamstring. “The tear is complete with two of the three tendons that attach to his pelvis.” Just freaking running. Unbelievable.

I would think that professional ball players would have some sort of daily routine to keep themselves in shape and healthy. But watching Benitez run was like watching an ox whom had just been shot with a tranquilizer, so my assumption is obviously wrong.

Now we get to have another closer-by-commitee season, and we know how well that turned out last year. And with Bonds still gone… don’t even get me started. It’s going to be a long season… and not in the long-ball department that’s for sure.

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