Quoted: “That’s the best theory going right now… You have to keep running on the treadmill of evolution or you fall off. The germs are mutating like a son of a gun, but with sex you can derive these crazy new gene combos that lock them out. Beat that!”

– Bill Nye the Science Guy, when asked by Wired about the “Evolution of Sex” episode of his new TV show. In it he says “The main function of sex is to keep germs and parasites at bay.”


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Went to another Giants game today. What a gorgeous day it was! Giants scorched the Rockies and the sun scorched me. Lisa and I got to take my parents this time, their first day-game in seats other than the bleachers. Click on the pic for more photos that my dad took at the game…

Finals: San Francisco 11, Colorado 4

Quoted: “Any matter, at any time? Enron, Halliburton, WMDs, Abu Ghraib, and you went with … baseball. Way to go.” – The Daily Show’s Jon Stewart responding to Rep. Tom DeLay’s contention that Rule 10, clause 4C gives Congress the right to hold a hearing on any matter at any time.