Superbowl XLIV Commercials

Here are my favorite commercials from the Superbowl yesterday, in no particular order…

  • – I’m a sucker for the quirky. These guys never disappoint.
  • Transformers 2 – The movie looks intense and the sound effects are awesome.
  • Star Trek Trailer – While only a couple new scenes, this movie still looks awesome. Also, nice to see Bruce Greenwood in it, from John From Cincinnati.
  • Pedigree: Crazy Pets – I’m also a sucker for animals. Quirky zoo animals as pets, even better!
  • Pepsi Max: I’m Good – Physical comedy is always a winner.
  • Doritos: Crystal Ball – Only the first half of this one is funny.
  • NBC: LMAO – Very clever, and very surprising for a network commercial.
  • Bud Light: Meeting – The drinkability campaign is amusing, as is this one.

If I had to pick a favorite, I would say the Pepsi Max: I’m Good commercial.