Music Discovery #13 of 2012

Yea yea, been a while since the last post… but it’s not without good reason. Since my last post I have gotten married, driven more than half way across the country, and spent a week in Hawaii (Maui to be exact). Any downtime I have had since all of this has happened has been spent either working, unpacking, making sure I have a happy wife, and crawling out from underneath the crush of blogs I fell behind on.

This week will have a couple posts as I have some catching up to do… so without further ado, do what you do.

Battlekat – Business:

Blonds – Run [Download]:

Dan Deacon – Lots [Download]:

Family of the Year – Diversity:

Fang Island – Asunder [Download]:

IO Echo – When The Lillies Die [Download]:

Matthew Dear – Crimewaves:

Onuinu – Happy Home [Download]:

Selebrities – Regret:

Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs – American Dream Pt. II:


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