Music Discovery #17 of 2012

This week’s post is going to try out a new (to me) audio player from As their website states, “The exfm site player is the easiest way to play back music on your site – mp3’s, Soundcloud, Bandcamp and more.”

You should see the exfm player attached at the bottom of the page, and it should contain all the music it could parse from my post. It looks like the only thing it doesn’t pick up that I might post is YouTube. Feedback is welcome.

Charli XCX – You’re The One:

DIANA – Born Again:

Paul Banks – Summertime Is Coming

Porcelain Raft – The Way In

Purity Ring – Fineshrine

Savoir Adore – Dreamers

Snowblink – Black & White Mountains

The Soft Pack – Saratoga:

Tennis – Petition (Vacationer Remix)

Torches – Sky Blue & Ivory:

Young Galaxy – Youth Is Wasted On The Young


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