Nissan Eliminating Blind Spots. “Cameras mounted at the front and rear and on both sides take pictures of the surrounding road surface, which are synthesized by an image processing technique into one view that is shown on a central display. The system is especially helpful when parking, enabling the driver to steer easily and precisely into a parking space…” and pulling into the back of a semi-truck at top speeds while dispencing oil slicks and smoke screens! Straight up Spy Hunter!!


Green gummy bears are lame. They make me want to puke, they taste so horrible. Just get rid of them already, and take those gross yellow ones too. Just give me a pack of red gummy bears, with the occasional clear and maybe orange, and I will be happy.

Is it me, or does it seem this color scheme/taste combination can be applied to other candies as well? Skittles, same. Starburst, same. The red ones are always the best. Green and yellow the worst. Guacamole falls into this category, even though it’s not a candy, puke! I probably didn’t even spell that right, but who cares. It’s gross.

Artists ‘Delete’ Ads To Provoke Discussion. So these guys in Austria covered up all ads in a specific area with bright yellow fabric… to give you an idea of just how much advertising you are subjected too. It’s part of a two week art piece, and pretty interesting if you ask me.

Remember those aisles at the grocery store that used to be all yellow? The generic food aisle… yea, it kinda reminds me of that.

Photostamps. Genius. Take a digital photo and make your own stamps. Take a photo of you and your loved one so recipients of your letters can share in your bliss. Or take a picture of your ass-end and use those stamps when you pay your bills. The possibilities are endless. It’s only a matter of time before someone gets sued.