Music Discovery #19 of 2012

A new week and a couple more Fleetwood Mac covers. If you like the band Hum, be sure to check out Title Fight. Lastly, if you have been keeping track, Blonds has made it on the site a couple times and now their new album which comes out next week is available for streaming at Stereogum.

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Music Discovery #18 of 2012

As you may have noticed, there was no music post last week as I was in Madrid, Spain. Therefore, this weeks post will have a little more music than usual as I play catch-up. Seems to be a common theme; have a couple good weeks staying on top of it all, followed by a week or two of inactivity then another week or two of getting back up to speed.

There is a Fleetwood Mac tribute album being released soon, with covers by many of the indie artists whom are making the rounds these days. About half of the album is available to listen to so far (check it out here), and I have shared some of my favorites below.

And Blonds! Again! This is the third great song I have posted of theirs, and I am greatly anticipating their album The Bad Ones which is supposed to drop on August 7th.

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Music Discovery #13 of 2012

Yea yea, been a while since the last post… but it’s not without good reason. Since my last post I have gotten married, driven more than half way across the country, and spent a week in Hawaii (Maui to be exact). Any downtime I have had since all of this has happened has been spent either working, unpacking, making sure I have a happy wife, and crawling out from underneath the crush of blogs I fell behind on.

This week will have a couple posts as I have some catching up to do… so without further ado, do what you do.

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Music Discovery #4 of 2012

The electronic music community lost big this week, with the passing of Shem McCauley (aka Slacker). I was first introduced to Slacker through Paul Oakenfold’s Transport compilation in ’98, then again the following year on Nick Warren’s Global Underground: Brazil, but it wasn’t till he appeared repeatedly on Sasha & Digweed compilations that he really caught my ear. In Sasha & Digweed’s Communicate (’00) compilation alone, Slacker appears three times, and two remixes of his appeared on Sleep is Overrated, a compilation released the same year from yours truly.

Every release on his label Jukebox in the Sky was a must buy, and everything he touched musically was epic and stands the test of time. I have included a few of my favorite Slacker tracks below, and while they aren’t exactly newly discovered tracks over this last week, every time I listen I do discover something new. Hopefully you will enjoy his music as much as I have. RIP Slacker.

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