Music Discovery #4 of 2012

The electronic music community lost big this week, with the passing of Shem McCauley (aka Slacker). I was first introduced to Slacker through Paul Oakenfold’s Transport compilation in ’98, then again the following year on Nick Warren’s Global Underground: Brazil, but it wasn’t till he appeared repeatedly on Sasha & Digweed compilations that he really caught my ear. In Sasha & Digweed’s Communicate (’00) compilation alone, Slacker appears three times, and two remixes of his appeared on Sleep is Overrated, a compilation released the same year from yours truly.

Every release on his label Jukebox in the Sky was a must buy, and everything he touched musically was epic and stands the test of time. I have included a few of my favorite Slacker tracks below, and while they aren’t exactly newly discovered tracks over this last week, every time I listen I do discover something new. Hopefully you will enjoy his music as much as I have. RIP Slacker.

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