Music Discovery #8 of 2012

Lots of great music from the past few weeks; I’ve got a little bit of everything in this post. Moving forward, I hope to get back to making weekly posts to keep these a bit more consumable.

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Music Discovery #7 of 2012

Wow. Life. A confluence of events has prevented me from posting a music round-up the last few weeks; overwhelmed with work, dealing with sickness, planning a wedding, attending a conference. I’ll get this train back on track with a post that rounds up some standout music from the aforementioned time span. La Sera makes another appearance with another great track, hope this trend continues.

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Music Discovery #6 of 2012

Back in full force this week, a healthy list of great new music below. Also, be sure to check out the full album streams of Frankie Rose and Tennis, both albums are quite good and songs from both have been referenced in previous posts.

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Music Discovery #4 of 2012

The electronic music community lost big this week, with the passing of Shem McCauley (aka Slacker). I was first introduced to Slacker through Paul Oakenfold’s Transport compilation in ’98, then again the following year on Nick Warren’s Global Underground: Brazil, but it wasn’t till he appeared repeatedly on Sasha & Digweed compilations that he really caught my ear. In Sasha & Digweed’s Communicate (’00) compilation alone, Slacker appears three times, and two remixes of his appeared on Sleep is Overrated, a compilation released the same year from yours truly.

Every release on his label Jukebox in the Sky was a must buy, and everything he touched musically was epic and stands the test of time. I have included a few of my favorite Slacker tracks below, and while they aren’t exactly newly discovered tracks over this last week, every time I listen I do discover something new. Hopefully you will enjoy his music as much as I have. RIP Slacker.

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Music Discovery #2 of 2012

Don’t you dare doubt that I will be able to keep this weekly music post going. If it were to fail, it certainly wouldn’t be for lack of music. Here is another great batch of music I have discovered over this last week.

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Music Discovery #1 of 2012

Either my tastes are too ambiguous or forgiving and I like way too much, or there is just a lot of a great music out there right now. I don’t know which it is, maybe a little of both, but I am not complaining. Thanks to changes in the music industry, changes in the web, blogs like Stereogum and mu-sique, tools like iTunes, services like Rdio and Spotify, and even events like SXSW, it’s never been easier to discover new music, and I sure am discovering a lot.

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Just added my and Pandora profiles to my links list over in the sidebar. has made a lot of great improvements to their site, and I have been on a good streak of finding full tracks of the songs I want to listen to. I do wish however that the player was a separate part of your browsing experience, meaning I could play a song, then navigate away from the current page (much like Beatport). I do realize there are stand-alone applications that would allow for this, I would just much prefer a strictly browser experience.

Pandora’s website on the other hand could use a major overhaul. I find it extremely difficult to navigate and clunky. I also wish they would an option to accompany the thumbs-up and thumbs-down, because I hate thumbing-down a song I actually like, but not in the context of the station I am trying to build.

Either way though, I am thankful for both sites as they have allowed me to stumble across so many great new artists/bands, and would happily live with these annoyances (and am) rather than not having either available at all.

Christian Martin – Dirtybird Showcase Mix

In my previous post containing videos from Friday nights’ Dirtybird party, the sounds heard in the first 4 or 5 are coming from Christian Martin. He did a great job at setting the mood for the evening. It appears there is a “showcase mix” of his hosted on Dirtybird’s website, for those that are interested.