Sitting here watching game 17 of MLB Network’s top 20 of all time (2004 ALCS game 4, Red Sox vs. Yankees), and it finally JUST hit me for the first time this off-season… the need to see Lincecum, Cain, and MadBum mow down their opponents, to see Posey poke out homers, to see Torres haul ass around the bases, to see Huff Daddy admire a long drive down the right field line, to see Boss Ross, The Beard, The Panda, The Mole, Affeldt, Sergio the snake, Napoleon, Ishi, and of course Pat the Bat. And I can’t forget about the best broadcast crew in the business in Kruk & Kuip and adios pelota John Miller. I can’t freaking wait for opening day, to see my world series winning SF Giants (still can’t believe it) take the field, and to go for another season long ride. Only three weeks till pitchers and catchers report! Hummmmm baby.


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