Music Discovery #28 of 2012

A nice eclectic mix of music this week, and it’s really piling up since these posts are coming less frequently. I typically don’t pay much mind to videos but I like the one for Rush Midnight, and of course the song is great.

There are a couple other tracks I had to post YouTube videos for, as I couldn’t find other shareable versions in my initial searching. Remember, those won’t get picked up by the exfm player, so be sure to check those out manually.

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Music Discovery #27 of 2012

Thanksgiving is approaching, and I guess I will do the obligatory list of things I am thankful for… but I’ll keep it short. I am thankful for talented artists creating amazing music, and thankful you stopped by to check out what I have to share. Hope you enjoy.

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Music Discovery #26 of 2012

Round up of some great music I have heard over of the last few weeks. Long list as it’s been a while since the last post.

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Music Discovery #24 of 2012

Quite a bit this week, including a couple videos. The first is for Flying Lotus, I don’t really care for the song all that much, but the video is rad. The second, a Wye Oak remix that accompanied a dance on SYTYCD.

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Music Discovery #23 of 2012

It’s been a couple weeks since my last post; more work travel to Madrid, sister finally introducing me to my new niece, life in general. Below are some great tunes I have compiled over the last couple weeks while all that was happening.

What you won’t find is anything from the new album by The XX, which I found to be a disappointing bore.

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Music Discovery #22 of 2012

The new Matthew Dear album is available for streaming, comes out next week I believe… check it out below. Matthew Dear has such a fantastic and unique sound, and his music is distinctly his own. The Fighting Is Futile track is the biggest standout for me, of those from the album that I had not heard yet. I’ve linked a couple great tracks recently, Pipe Dreams and Crimewaves, and both are sadly absent from this album.

Pet Lions reminds me a bit of The Ocean Blue. The Ocean Blue – Cerulean was the first CD I ever bought, all the way back in 1991. The standout on that album was Ballerina Out Of Control, I have included it below for your education. As you may be able to tell, I have had this affinity for the intersection of shoegaze, surf, and indie rock for quite a while. Hope you enjoy it/them as much as I have over the years.

Please note that the exfm player doesn’t pick up YouTube links, or album streams from Soundcloud, so you’ll have to play those individually.

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Music Discovery #21 of 2012

Over the last couple weeks I have posted some standout Fleetwood Mac covers from the upcoming tribute album titled Just Tell Me That You Want Me. Well, the album has finally been released and you can stream the whole thing over at Stereogum.

Otherwise, a short list of new music this week, please to enjoy.

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Music Discovery #20 of 2012

This week Paul Banks (of Interpol) makes another appearance, Nicole Moudaber & Victor Calderone take you on a journey (apologize for the quality, track has not been made public yet so sources are few), and we stumble upon a handful of other new artists!

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Music Discovery #19 of 2012

A new week and a couple more Fleetwood Mac covers. If you like the band Hum, be sure to check out Title Fight. Lastly, if you have been keeping track, Blonds has made it on the site a couple times and now their new album which comes out next week is available for streaming at Stereogum.

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