Music Discovery #17 of 2012

This week’s post is going to try out a new (to me) audio player from As their website states, “The exfm site player is the easiest way to play back music on your site – mp3’s, Soundcloud, Bandcamp and more.”

You should see the exfm player attached at the bottom of the page, and it should contain all the music it could parse from my post. It looks like the only thing it doesn’t pick up that I might post is YouTube. Feedback is welcome.

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Music Discovery #6 of 2012

Back in full force this week, a healthy list of great new music below. Also, be sure to check out the full album streams of Frankie Rose and Tennis, both albums are quite good and songs from both have been referenced in previous posts.

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Music Discovery #1 of 2012

Either my tastes are too ambiguous or forgiving and I like way too much, or there is just a lot of a great music out there right now. I don’t know which it is, maybe a little of both, but I am not complaining. Thanks to changes in the music industry, changes in the web, blogs like Stereogum and mu-sique, tools like iTunes, services like Rdio and Spotify, and even events like SXSW, it’s never been easier to discover new music, and I sure am discovering a lot.

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